A creative mind just can't settle down.

I’ve got just too many projects in my house to describe them all.
So, perhaps this will explain it…

Creative-Insanity Writing & Social-Political Activism

from Asia with Love

From Asia with Love – Letters home from an American in Asia
The Cheesy Review – Compellingly whiny reviews of cheese and all good things
The Denialist – Adventures in denialism
The People’s Party – America’s third party

Writing & Software & Writing Software & Learning Writing & Software

Ink Is A Verb PinkWrite Verb Guru Pacific Daily Times

Ink Is A Verb – Better Ubuntu backend for cloud and PC power users
PinkWrite – Learn English to write better ( and writing software to come (
verb.Guru – Learn Linux the fast, smart way
Pacific Daily Times – A newspaper in the making

Creative Arts & Brands

Avenue Guru – Uplifting walltop and desktop art
GUYZE – Practical apparel for men
Jesse Yonge – A collection of Tea