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Literacy fast-track for both ESL and native speakers

Four Little Mice

(an illustrated children’s favorite)

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Purple Mouse



VIP Linux

VIP Linux

Learn Linux, the most basic computer language for every computer user. This free curriculum is available on GitHub and helps users of every age grasp practical code for every day as well as core concepts used in more advanced programming. Start coding right here.


Ink is a verb.

The YouTube channel has educational videos from graphic design to Linux install. The GitHub repos help on the backend. Whether you need to get your own Ubuntu desktop working or get control of your VPS for cloud storage, email, and blogging, the tools at help anyone with a basic knowledge of Linux to get inking.


I’ll make better videos in the future, but these have the information for anyone who truly wants to learn the way I taught it.

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See the full piano playlist here

Pacific Daily Times


editorials to explain our times

Every week, I write about the politics of North America and East Asia, looking back at what happened to better understand what’s coming.



Listen on Stitcher, in iTunes, via RSS, or another app of your choice. Also watch on YouTube. Episodes come out Monday-Thursday and occasionally on Friday.

52 Bible


Just Bible

Go through the Old Testament in 52 short paragraphs. Learn the Jesus’ life in twelve stages. This survey of Bible doesn’t get into any theology and it doesn’t get preachy. It just helps make the Bible make sense.

My collected works of Bible, my gift to the Body of Christ, including audio readings of the Book of Enoch and my own translation of Revelation.



With over 1 million words in a wide range of topics available through’s amazing print on demand service, you’re almost sure to find at least one topic that piques your interest. Many are available on most ebook platforms.

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