English Power: My Secret Sauce

All about how I mastered English using

The 10-Case Noun System

English should be easy

I struggled with English grammar through high school. I almost flunked English my senior year. Now, I have over 1 million words on Amazon.com in print, I’m a moderator on Stack Exchange, I have been a blogger & podcaster for the last 7 years, and I’ve taught ESL the last 13 years.

Whether you want to grow yourself or teach, if English is your native language or you are learning ESL, even if you want to study a language other than English—I’ll show you how language can be easy!

I borrow something I learned in college, from Greek of all things. It’s called “noun case”—the ancient grammar sauce before there was English.

“Noun case” transcends languages. And, it is easy to learn.

When I started living in Taiwan 13 years ago, I helped five year olds talking in English for the first time, high schoolers go from failing to acing English tests, and two PhDs get published in academic journals. Noun case helped at every level.

In all my experience, the secret ingredient was noun case, and I have my own special system for making it easy. Noun case makes creating in English both breezy and amazing!

Doubt the Doubters!

Why is English difficult for half of all students and easy for the other half? There is a reason…

It’s all in how we teach.

But, it’s also in what we teach.

Language isn’t difficult. Teaching methods make anything easy or difficult.

Many English teachers claim that English does not have “noun case”—that it’s only used in languages from East Europe, like German and Czech. But, that’s not true. Even Frank X Braun, PhD teaches noun case in English. The renouned schollar FF Bruce, my college advisor’s personal tutor, used a special noun case system rarely taught today. His system was so controversial that my college wouldn’t let him teach it. But, it works!

Most English classes—from America to ESL—make English too complicated because they ignore “noun case”. Don’t listen to the teachers who are hard to understand. Learn from the struggling English student who went from a D in his last semester of high school to a moderator on Stack Exchange.

Here’s What You’ll Gain…

  • Use English correctly and awesomely, even without knowing all the fancy grammar gibberish.

  • Rephrase sentences easily because you’ll see how easily words fit together.

  • Learn faster from others, even when they don’t teach noun case.

  • Become a word smith—for marketing, lyric-writing, copywriting, blogging, public speaking, podcasting, rapping, flirting, “BS-ing” essays, speeding homework, sailing through English tests, and even instant messaging.

  • You’ll sound like a genius when you know the noun cases, but even more when your English is more than fantastic!

  • We don’t stop at nouns, but also look at verbs, simple habit exercises, and make “complex” sentences easy as pie.

  • You’ll be able to use and teach English, even learn other languages so fast, people will think you were born gifted…
What you get

…because you were born gifted!

Everyone just needs the right way to learn.